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May 2001

UV-Cut nanoparticles
CSIRO & Melbourne based company Micronisers have developed ultrafine additives for sunscreens and already captured 60 % of the Australian sunscreen market. Products have been presented at the Hannover trade fair 2001 in April
Source : CSIRO Media release
Self Assembly Technique Produces Complex Polymer structures for laser arrays, waveguides & Tiny Beakers
A wonderful simple self assembling technique which can create honeycomb structures from 0.2 to 20 ?m in size and up to 20 to 40 ?m thick polymer films.
Source: GeorgiaTech News
Advances made in transparent electronics
Researchers at Oregon State University have made significant advances in the emerging science of transparent electronics, creating transparent "p-type" semiconductors that have more than 200 times the conductivity of the best materials available for that purpose a few years ago.
Source: OSUNews
Get Ready for your Nano Future
We know that nanotech will change the world - it's time to think about how...
by Alan Leo
Source: TechnologyReview
The world's first array of transistors out of carbone nanotubes
IBM scientists developed a breakthrough transistor technology that could preview how computer chips can be made smaller and faster than what is currently possible with silicon.
Source : IBM research
Crystal optical fibers
A Danish company called "Crystal Fiber", a spin off from the Technical University of Denmark develop tomorrow optical fibers which guide light through holes and defects.
Source: The Economist
Glassy AgI
Anything ( or almost anything) can be made glassy  if you are able to cool the melt fast enough for avoid reorganization of the melted substance. Researchers at the university of Cincinnati found another way to transform AgI into a glass structure by incorporate it on a special glass host.
Source: University of Cincinnati
Metallic and ceramic Nanoparticles
A mechanical Engineer at Washington University has developed a technology that makes nanoparticles smaller, faster, cleaner, and cheaper than existing commercial process using the sodium/halide flame and encapsulation technology
Source: Washington University News
Recipe Controls Nanocrystal Shape & Size
Berkeley Lab scientists report a relatively simple recipe for making nanocrystals that allows for the all-important control of crystal size and shape, and can be used to make more than one variety of nanocrystals.
by Lynn Yarris
Source: Laurence Berkeley Lab News
Corning enter the Gene-Chip Market
Corning has a long story of reinventing itself as technology changes. From the first Thomas Edison's light bulb to the fiber optics and now to genomics Corning confirm its adaptability to the fast changing economy.
by Justin Gillis
Washington Post
Metamaterials goes against the norm
Physicists in the US have built a composite material that has enabled negative refraction to be realised.



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