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April 2001

Photopolymerizable glass offers a diffraction efficiency of almost 100%
The prospects for producing practical holographic storage devices from organically modified sol-gel glasses are excellent
Crosfield, change of ownership from ICI to INEOS
Founded  in 1815, Crosfield Ltd, the British specialist and  chemical manufacturer of silicates, zeolites and silicas, changes  name to INEOS Silicas Ltd starting February 2001. 
Nanodot Lasers
by Peter Fairly
Source: MIT Technology Review
Over a decade none of the CdSe QD's shown lasing properties. Bawendi from MIT and Klimov from Los Alamos figure out the solution to nanodot lasers...
Nano-Dispersion of Clays makes better, cleaner plastics
Source: PennState News
Small amount of well-dispersed natural clays can make a big difference..
NEMS: Machines get tiny
by David Voss
Source : MIT Technology Review
Going from micro- to nano-machines. Learn why "small is so beautiful".
Read also a full story about the technology trends to nanometer scale machines at PhysicsWeb 
Nanopore Detector shows discriminating taste in DNA molecules
by Tim Stephens
Source: Newswise
Researchers from the University of California, have devised a new methode of analyzing DNA molecules that can rapidly discriminate between nearly identical DNA strands using an instrument called a nanopore detector.
A bright Future for Displays
by Bob Johnstone
Source: MIT Technology Review
Organic LED's are gearing up to challenge LCD's, with supersharp screens that bring video to your cell phone. And that's just the beginning...
A new class of nanostructures: Semiconducting "Nanobelts" offer potential for nanosensors and nanoelectronics
Source: GeorgiaTech Research News
New type of nanoscale structures could be the basis of inexpensive ultra-small sensors and nanoelectronics and displays...
Production of "Nanowires" could eventually lead to novel biological sensors.
bv Katharine S. Miller
Source: Stanford report
Stanford chemists have taken an important step toward making such wires by synthesizing a material that conducts electricity faster and farther than earlier designs...
Using mathematical equations, a Cornell University scientist and his colleagues have found evidence of a fourth spatial dimension in plants.
Source : Cornell news
In the animal realm, the laws of scaling have been well known for more than a century. Yet only recently have plant biologists become aware of these laws' importance throughout nature.
RNA on a Chip
by David Cameron
Source: MIT Technology Review
After DNA microarrays comes RNA microarrays. A powerful diagnostic lab on dime-sized chip.


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