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  March 2001

Molecular sponge for nuclear waste
Researchers at Sandia National Laboratories unveiled a new material acting as a molecular sponge for strontium 90...
By Alison McCook
Source: Scientific American
Separation and analysis of DNA in Nanofluidic Systems..
Cornell researchers replace test tube with tiny silicon devices to rapidly measure, count and sort biological molecules..
Source : Cornell News
Wiring Up Nanoelectronics
Harvard researchers, using silicon nanowires only 20 nm wide created functional nanoscale semiconductor devices..
By Alan Leo

Source : Technology Review
Silicon Cage Custers: Better than Buckyballs?
Researchers at the Joint Research Center for Atom Technology in Japan reveals that silicon can settle into basket-like arrangements.. 
Source: Physics News Upadate
Electronic Paper Turns the page..
A handful of leading technology companies are vying to create the first practical electronic paper, a digital display thin and flexible to replace paper in many situations...
By Charles C. Mann 
Source : Technology Review
After the electronic paper.. the paper thin battery
Discovered by an Israel-based Power Paper the paper-thin battery, could power credit cards, medical patches, etc.
By Gunjan Sinha
Source: Popular Science
Understanding cell communications
A $1.5 million grant to understand chemical and physical codes in signal transduction..
Source :  Cornell News
Circuits of a Cell
Adam Arkin, from Berkeley lab, with predictions from theory and computer modeling, and with a growing database of chemical devices and circuits motifs, hopes to make the understanding of intracellular communications and control, a true engineering discipline.
by Paul Preuss
Source: Berkeley Lab Research Review


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