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January 2001

The Wilson prize was given to Prof. Moungi Bawendi from MIT for his work on QD's
Prof. George Whitesides from Harvard receive the 2000 Von Hippel Award for his work on self-assembly.
Exploiting Molecular self-assembly (Feature article)
by Jennifer Ouellette 
Source: The Industrial Physicist 
Ozin's team by using  nanoparticles to pattern single crystals brings order to the microscopic world of silicon wafers
by David Bradley 
Source: Chemweb 
Solid-State NMR Reveals Key Structural Features of Membrane Transport Proteins  (Feature article)
by Charles Day 
Source: Physics Today
Like a dimmer switch, turning a nanotube can control electrical flow
Source: North Carolina State University News Service
Is the predicted imminent demise of Moore's Law real ? 
Scientists from Purdue University found that a new transistor could keep computer evolution on track.
Source : Purdue News
Nano-Lubrication: facts and friction
by David Adam 
Source: Nature Science update
Heat screen for catalysts
by David Adam 
Source: Nature Science update
University of Georgia Chemist Discovers new bonding arrangement for carbon molecules
Source: ScienceDaily
Organic Material debuts as both an injection laser and a superconductor (Feature article)
by Barbara Goss Le 
Source: Physics Today
Next generation Semiconductors may rely on ion beam lithography
The Maskless Microbeam Reduction Lithography system built recently at Berkeley should be one of the several responses to the challenge of the Moore's Law
by P. Preuss 
Source : ScienceBeat, Berkeley Lab
New nanofabrication tech developed by UMass..
The project relies on self-assembling, nanoscopic, polymer scaffolds known as "nano-templates"..
University of Massachusetts 
Source: EurekAlert
Soft Lithography used to fabricate transistors on curved substrates
Source: ScienceDaily
The Top 10 Science Stories of 2000
Ed. Dawn Stover 
Source: Popular Science
The Technology review 10
"Ten emerging areas of  technology  that will soon have a profound impact on the economy and on how we live and work."
Including: Flexible Transistors, Microphotonics and Microfluidics
Source : The MIT Technology Review Jan/Feb2001
Ten passed Technologies
"Not every disappearing technology deserves that  fat. Sometimes the "losers" have an elegance and simplicity the "winners lack. Here are ten examples"
by Nick Montfort
Source : The MIT Technology Review Jan/Feb2001

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