NP - Photonics light up hybrids

A new start up, spin-off of the University of Arizona in Tucson, claims to have a new hybrid  polymer glass technology for manufacturing amplifiers splitters and optical components for the Metro Network.

The company founded by Seppo Honkanen from the University of Arizona, will manufacture amplifiers, splitters, add/drop multiplexers and crossconects for the Metro Network. Although the company doesn't announce the technology they will be use for that it is clear from the past research investigation at University of Arizona that part of the technology initiated by Seppo was based on ion exchange of glasses they have developed. However recently NP-Photonics got a grant from APT for a total of $3,346K to develop inexpensive integrated optical components for advanced communications networks using a new generation of Hybrid Inorganic -Organic material. 

The company claims that the new hybrid material will retain the high optical quality of glass, while at the same time processing the polymer's ability to be formed into precise patterns using inexpensive photolithography.



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