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  Volume 24 Number 3, July  2002


29Si MAS-NMR Study of Silica Gels and Xerogels: Influence of the Catalyst
E. Framery, P.H. Mutin pp. 191-195

Synthesis and Characterisation of Sulfated Zirconia Sol-Gel Systems
A. Minesso, F. Genna, T. Finotto, A. Baldan, A. Benedetti pp. 197-206

Effect of Zirconia Precursor on the Properties of ZrO2-SiO2 Sol-Gel Oxides
Tessy López, F. Tzompantzi, J. Hernández-Ventura, R. Gómez, X. Bokhimi, G. Pecchi, P. Reyes pp. 207-219  

Aqueous Syntheses of Forsterite (Mg2SiO4) and Enstatite (MgSiO3)
André Douy pp. 221-228 

Atomic Force Microscopic Studies of Porous TiO2 Thin Films Prepared by the Sol-Gel Method
Jiaguo Yu, Jimmy C. Yu, Bei Cheng, Xiujian Zhao, Zhi Zheng, A.S.K. Li pp. 229-240 

Magnetic Behavior at Low Temperatures of Ti Oxide Polycrystalline Samples
P.N. Lisboa-Filho, A. Zenatti, G.M. Casali, C.A. Paskocimas, W.A. Ortiz, E.R. Leite, E. Longo pp. 241-245

Low Temperature Sol-Gel Preparation of Nanocrystalline TiO2 Thin Films
Y. Djaoued, Simona Badilescu, P.V. Ashrit, D. Bersani, P.P. Lottici, R. Brüning pp. 247-254  

Study of Anatase to Rutile Phase Transition in Nanocrystalline Titania Films
Y. Djaoued, S. Badilescu, P.V. Ashrit, D. Bersani, P.P. Lottici, J. Robichaud pp. 255-264

Ion Exchange Derived Precursor Materials for Deposition of WO3 Electrochromic Films: Spectroscopic Investigations
S.A. Agnihotry, N. Sharma, M. Deepa pp. 265-270

Preparation and Characterization of a Sol-Gel Prepared Ferroelectric Sandwich Structure
Ren Tian-Ling, Zhang Lin-Tao, Liu Li-Tian, Li Zhi-Jian pp. 271-274 


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